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At Next Step, we want to help you unleash your maximum potential in regards to community participation. This means that we will accompany and support you to the community destinations of your choice. Next Step Disability Service are family friendly.

Some of our most popular outings include…

  • Walks along the river trail or botanical gardens
  • Going to your favourite movies
  • Fishing at either the river, one our many creeks and estuaries, beach fishing or for the more adventurous we can arrange for you to go out on a fishing charter
  • Going to watch the football, cricket, basketball, or whichever sport you choose
  • Play bingo and other card games
  • Catch up for a relaxing lunch or dinner and a chat
  • Ten pin bowling
  • Catch a play, musical or another event at the MECC
  • Beach barbecues

“We can assist with referring you to other services”